In April, Major League Baseball yanked the All-Star Game from Georgia in protest of its new voting law. Now, Texas-based companies contend with fallout from the state’s new abortion law. Meanwhile, public health officials say private businesses will be the ones to drive vaccination rates with mandates… which may be very popular - or very unpopular - with their customers.

Welcome to 2021!

Join Guy Churchward, Zignal Labs CEO, and guest speaker Mike Proulx, Forrester Research Director and VP to hear:

  • Why companies are being drawn into hot-button political issues
  • Best practices for building trust in a combustible media environment
  • New research from Forrester about the impact of cancel culture on corporations
  • Zignal intelligence showing how online narratives tightly bind business and politics
  • How to deal with dis- and misinformation threats to business and brand
  • The impact of polarization on business, media, and politics
  • Ways to game out a response

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