Will This Hurt?
Polarization and Business




What if you could quantify the degree of political polarization around an issue – and use that information to sharpen your engagement with your consumer base?

Register today to learn:

  • The impact of polarization: threats to reputation, business, and operations.
  • How to gauge whether to take a stance on an issue – and if so, what that should look like
  • Which issues are becoming more and less polarized, and how that’s changing over time
  • Best practices for managing threats and opportunities in a polarized media environment
  • How understanding the degree of polarization around an issue can help you build consumer trust


From politics to healthcare and beyond, our cultural discourse has become a hotbed of polarization. Companies are facing intense pressure from consumers around whether, and how, to engage with highly polarized issues and events, creating a political minefield that companies must learn to navigate. Failure to do so could have far-reaching effects on a company’s sales, stock price, reputation, and even physical security. It’s imperative that company leaders develop airtight strategies for navigating this environment – and that starts with understanding which issues are most polarized, where the polarization comes from, and whom it impacts.

How can you gain a comprehensive and detailed picture of the level of polarization around a given issue, so that you can better understand the media climate and make more informed decisions about your own positions? What metrics can you use to measure the degree of social discord around issues like voting integrity, immigration, and abortion? Zignal Labs has partnered with Golin and the University of Southern California Annenberg School to develop a new approach to answering these questions, and will be sharing their insights in a Fireside Chat on November 18.

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Fred Cook

Fred Cook
Director, USC
Annenberg Center
for Public Relations
University of Southern California


Jennifer Granston

Jennifer Granston
Chief Customer Officer,
Head of Insights
Zignal Labs

Zignal Labs

Jonny Brentwood

Jonny Bentwood
Global Head of Data and Analytics


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