Defending Your Brand In The Age of Information Operations

Today’s brands face a constantly evolving threat vector. Apart from traditional threats, such as malware, hacks, and DDoS, brands must now also be able to combat, control, and ultimately prevent threats propagated by highly coordinated and sophisticated information operations.  

In this virtual town hall, a panel of cyber threat experts will discuss the state of current threats and how they spread on social media, the future of information operations, and why the right defense is based in reality and focused on active response – not simply riding out the storm.

You will learn:

  1. ​Why run of the mill intelligence won’t cut it – and why data and indicators of specific threats should be customized to each organization’s brand and risk profile.
  2. What brands need to do to be prepared in this emerging threat space, especially during uncertain times.
  3. ​How to leverage data to craft the right approach to response operations.


  1. Dr. Chase Cunningham, Cybersecurity Expert


  1. Brigadier General Gregory Touhill, President of AppGate Federal Group
  2. Heather Dahl, CEO of
  3. Johnson Wu, Cyber Expert
  4. Jack Koons, Cyber Strategist

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