Zignal Labs - Narrative Intelligence Guide 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Narrative Intelligence

Download this free new guide to get the insight you need to get ahead of the narratives that can impact your organization.

Key takeaways

  1. How narratives can spill from the internet to the physical world - with major consequences
  2. What narrative intelligence is, and why it's crucial for mitigating risk and capitalizing on opportunities
  3. How to build the level of narrative intelligence you need to protect and grow your business.

For Risk and Communications professionals today, there's nothing more crucial than taking control of the narratives that can impact your organization. But in today's online narrative landscape, that's no easy task. Download the guide to learn why narrative intelligence is an indispensable skill and resource - and to start building your narrative intelligence capabilities.

Control the narratives that can impact your organization

Explore real-life events driven by narrative-borne threats and opportunities

  1. A surge in physical attacks in the wake of anti-AAPI language online
  2. An anti-vaccine narrative leads to spoiled COVID vaccine doses
  3. Moderna bucks the trend on vaccine patents



The perfect guide for:

Risk Professionals

  1. Chief Information Security Officer
  2. Vice President of Digital Risk or Security
  3. Security Intelligence Analyst
  4. Operational Risk
  5. Social or Reputational Risk Management
  6. Intelligence and Physical Security Analyst
  7. Chief Compliance Officer
  8. Quality Security Assessor
  9. IT Auditor
  10. Chief Privacy Officer
  11. Vice President of Privacy
  12. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Communications Professionals

  1. Chief Communications Officer
  2. Head of Communications
  3. Vice President of Communications
  4. Head of PR
  5. Chief Public Policy Officer
  6. Vice President / Director of Public Affairs, Public Policy, or Government Affairs
  7. Crisis Communications

And many others.

Zignal Enterprise

Zignal Enterprise

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Zignal Command Center

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