Join the Town Hall to learn:

  1. Specific scenarios in which mis/disinformation can have costly effects on brands
  2. How to decide if a mis/disinformation narrative warrants an active or passive response 
  3. Key steps for getting ahead of narratives that threaten your brand
  4. Role of the media and of brands as trusted experts in combating mis/disinformation
  5. Real-life examples of how to assess your brand risk and take protective measures


Town Hall Description:

Brands today are facing a new host of threats, stemming from false or misleading narratives and born out of online conversations. These narrative-born threats, many of which did not exist even twelve months ago, have far-reaching implications not only for brand reputation, but for a company's broader risk stance.

What do you do when your brand gets pulled into a mis/disinformation narrative? While the conventional wisdom may call for strategic silence, recent cases of online mis/disinformation resulting in real-life consequences are causing some brands to pursue a more active response, and consider how to approach mis/disinformation not just as a communications or marketing crisis, but more broadly as operational risk.



Jennifer Granston, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Insights, Zignal Labs

Hanson R. Hosein, Founder, HRH Media Group; former Emmy and Overseas Press Club award-winning journalist for NBC News, and solo TV war correspondent with MSNBC

Allyson Hugley, Strategic Research and Analytics Lead, Prudential Financial


Join us live on January 27, 2021

at 11am PT/2pm ET

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