A New Era in Financial Services Communications

Communications leaders in the Financial Services industry are facing an incredibly fast-paced, complex, and unique environment. The old ways of measuring the impact of communications are becoming less and less effective.

Download our new Financial Services report to learn:

  1. A robust system for accurately measuring the impact of your communications.
  2. Tips for building trust during a time of high global anxiety.
  3. The key challenges that communications professionals and consumers face in the financial services industry.

A Complicated Time for Finance Communications

In the years since the last recession, there have been many game-changing developments for the Financial Services industry:

  1. Confidence in financial institutions has eroded to an all-time low
  2. Politics are more divisive than ever
  3. Consumers have different expectations around transparency and social responsibility
  4. Data volume and complexity have soared
  5. Mis- and disinformation has become more prevalent
  6. Traditional and social media have become intertwined, spreading news faster than ever

More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to heighten these challenges.

Zignal Labs' new report, "From Tradition to Traction: The New Rules of Financial Services Communications", explains how, with the right focus, modern data analytics and metrics make it easier than ever to arm yourself, your communications strategy, and your institution with the knowledge you need to excel in the new world reality.

Ready to learn the new rules of Financial Services communication? Download the report today.

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