Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Report - 1st Quarter 2017

A new presidential administration has left pharmaceutical stock prices in an unpredictable state. The American Health Care Act, a proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act, and the discussion around healthcare in general have indirectly kept issues regarding the pharmaceutical industry firmly in the public eye.

Zignal Labs monitored and analyzed media intelligence data across the pharmaceutical industry for the first quarter of 2017. Specifically, Zignal monitored the entire media spectrum – spanning traditional, digital and social – to understand how potential changes to legislation and regulation could impact leading brands across the pharmaceutical industry.


Download Zignal's Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Report to learn how:

  • The new president's proposed policies could impact the two industries
  • How the American Health Care Act could inadvertently affect the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • How newly approved biosimilars could alter the biologics industry

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