White Paper: Establishing a "Mission Control" Mindset for Media Intelligence

Most large brands produce considerable cross media chatter representing tens of millions of data points. Making sense of this massive data set is challenging for most PR, social media, digital marketing and communications teams.

Why? Most departments are comprised of siloed tools, processes, workflows and reports. During crisis or a big announcement, most organizations are sub-optimized to make thoughtful decisions or take coordinated action. 

Download Zignal’s white paper and learn how to create a “Mission Control” mindset for Media Intelligence that:

  • Creates one source of the truth for media intelligence, reports and measurement.
  • Breaks down departmental silos across PR, social media, digital marketing and communications.
  • Informs competitive strategy throughout the organization.
  • Streamlines workflows for campaign measurement, sentiment analysis, crisis communications and influencer marketing.
  • Establishes a nerve center for all operations to ensure consistency, rapid response and data-driven decision making.

Start breaking down your departmental silos today! Download our white paper now to learn more!

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Stunning visualizations of realtime data enables teams and departments to collaborate across the enterprise.