Ten Ways that Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan

In today’s digitally-fueled world, the tiny spark of a crisis can erupt into a massive fire overnight – damaging corporate brands and reputations. Even the best-intentioned crisis plans can’t withstand the ferocity of a digitally-driven crisis.

Learn how top performing brands use big data to:

  • Establish a metrics-based benchmark to assess the severity of a crisis and subsequent response.
  • Visualize and dissect the anatomy of a crisis – as it unfolds in realtime – and know how to take the right action.
  • Understand how to focus on the influencers that matter.
  • Consolidate your crisis metrics and reporting processes across cross-functional departments.
  • Create a centralized “mission control” operations for monitoring and managing a crisis.

No one looks forward to the next inevitable crisis. Start preparing NOW by modernizing your plan with data-driven decision making.

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