A Report on the Spread of Fake News


American news is in crisis. In today’s news cycle that’s defined by speed and consumption via social media, fact checking has become a cursory step. The rush to be first has led to embarrassing retractions of stories that turn out to be false, contributing to the erosion of the public’s trust in traditional media sources. In the process, individuals and brands of the businesses named in the pieces are irreparably harmed, while negatively impacting the reputation of specific journalists and outlets. Fueled by these factors, a perfect storm has been created for the public to falsely place their trust in alternate news sources.


Download the report to discover:

  • Why big brands need to take fake news seriously and protect themselves

  • How trust in social media is driving the spread of fake news

  • Why trust in our friends is a big problem

  • Why the problem is likely to continue growing

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